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To pick up your final exams, you need to go to the Social Sciences department (7th floor South Ross).

To pick up any assignments other than your final exam (winter term paper, etc), go to 220 McLaughlin.


I will be submitting your graded exams (and essays too, for anyone who didn’t receive theirs after the exam) to the department tomorrow afternoon.

When I submit your assignments, I will also be sending your final grades to Prof. Conlin. I’m not sure how long it will take for your grades to be posted online after this.

Please (please!) don’t email me asking me to tell you your grades over email. If you do, I will ignore your email and also feel exasperated that you are being impatient/lazy. If want to find out your exam mark, overall grade in the course, or any other mark, you need to either a) go in to McLaughlin and pick up any assignments for which you don’t know your grade, and then using the magic of basic mathematics you can use your assignment results over the year to calculate your own approximate course grade, or b) be patient and wait for your grade to appear online, and remember that you won’t die in the week(…ish, or so) it takes for this to happen.

Genius of Design

You can listen to a free version of the lecture that comprises Ursula Franklin’s book here:

Capitalism: A Love Story

Income Inequality in America

“[In free-market capitalism} The extraordinarily complex manner in which a company recovers a profit is reduced to a single, numerically neat and precise concept. It makes no distinctions as to how the profit was made. It does not factor in whether people or places were exploited, resources depleted, communities enhanced, lives lost… In other words, business does not discern whether the profit is one of quality, or mere quantity” – Hawken, p. 84

“Business has two contradictory forces operating upon it: the need to achieve the lowest price in order to survive if not thrive in the marketplace, and the increasingly urgent social demand that it internalize the expense of acting more responsibly toward the environment” – Hawken