“Be Like Others” (2008)


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Discussion of representations of women in Oscar-nominated movies

York U student’s refusal to work with women sparks rights debate

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to follow up on our discussion today by providing some links to articles and resources that reference things I mentioned in class.

– McDonald’s article on the terrible/offensive budget advice website McDonalds set up for their minimum wage employees.

– Walmart’s “lock in” policy (employees are locked in at warehouses while they work) and how this threatens worker safety:Baltimore Sun articleNew York Times article

– Unpaid Internships
Toronto Star article about a woman who did an unpaid internship with Bell in Missisauga.

Planet Money Podcast (the ongoing series on the T-Shirt they’re making is really great, but the show in general is excellent)

Deconstructing Mayor Ford’s Fiscal Record – Toronto Star